Prescriptii empowers you with data to help you make better cannabis choices for your personal medical needs. 

About Prescriptii

The Prescriptii platform is built on an advanced algorithm that analyzed over 600,000 verified data points from studies about cannabis, questionnaires, and user reviews and rankings of widely available strains for more than 80 medical conditions. Using machine learning, Prescriptii then established links between the conditions and strains to create a data-driven picture of medical cannabis. 

Our proprietary heredity tree maps the origin and ancestry of over 9,000 strains and their chemical compound levels, including THC and CBD levels, Indica and Sativa ratios, and additional active compounds, such as CBN, CBC, CBG, and THCV. 

How it works

Use Prescriptii to search in the following ways: 

PAIN to STRAIN – Find strains that are rated best for certain conditions; 

STRAIN to PAIN – Analyze a strain you’re familiar with or already using to see which conditions it’s best for; 

STRAIN to STRAIN – Find other strains that are similar to a strain you’re familiar with or already using. 

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